Your broadband speed expectations are not always matched by the real-world performance that you are actually getting, according to consumer watchdogs and industry research data.

For example, the UK consumer magazine Which? recently revealed to its readers that internet speed tests were only delivering up to 58% of the speed that users were paying for and expecting to receive.

No one wants to be short-changed and pay for something that they are not getting so the obvious starting point in discovering whether you are one of the many who might not be getting the superfast speeds promised, is to do a quick online test.

The Comparitech speed test tool will not only tell you the actual internet speed you are getting compared to the one promised by your provider but you get to do something charitable at the same time.

Comparitech donate one cent per user for each test run so you can find out how far short your speed performance is while helping to raise money for some worthy causes.

Don’t you want to see how big the gap is between expectation and reality when it comes to your broadband speed?

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