Worldwide, 279.4 million Smartphones shipped in Q1 2014, representing growth of 29% on Q1 2013. 34% were Phablets or phones with displays of 5 inches or larger. The Phablet segment grew 369% year-over-year, significantly outperforming the rest of the Smartphone market.

Out of the 280 million units shipped, analyst firm Canalys reported that 81% were Android devices while iOS accounted for 16% and Windows Phone made up the remaining 3%. Samsung remained the leading vendor with a 31% share, ahead of Apple at 16%. Half of the top 10 vendors were Chinese companies. China, the world’s largest Smartphone market, accounted for 35% of shipments, substantially ahead of the U.S., which managed just 12%.

While 4.3″ devices had become the norm for sometime, that has now evolved to 5 inches. Every flagship Android device released this year has had a screen at least 5 inches in size. It remains to be seen if the rumours are true and Apple also increases the iPhone’s screen size into Phablet territory.

Infographic: Phablets Account for One Third of Global Smartphone Shipments | Statista

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