By Uri Ravin, CEO & Co-Founder of Croosing

A couple of weeks ago, my Co-Founder and myself had the honor of participating in the first annual Dublin Tech Summit — unlike other events we attended in the past, it had a special vibe of having startups from around the world showcase their latest-and-greatest technology in an event which in many ways is like a startup itself.

Being the first of its kind, not everything went smoothly — but this is the startup world, and we are quite familiar with it and were able to adapt accordingly. All and all, we walked away from the event with a newfound respect for entrepreneurs who work everyday to ensure their ideas are not only well-known, but as innovative as possible. During the two day event we also had the opportunity to meet with members of the media and social media community to explain the superlink technology our team at Croosing developed.

uperlinks are hyperlinks with superpowers. They are designed for those looking for a new way to tell stories, convey important information, personalize it, lead the traffic their way – and earn commission on each purchase made through a superlink. The technology was met with much favor by media and event goers.

As a direct result of DTS, Croosing’s installation rate jumped nearly 300 percent during the summit, and earned coverage (jump to 41 mins) from influencers and major players in the Irish tech scene. We also made large strides toward acquiring new partners and clients and had follow-up meetings at Dublin after the event ended.

It was refreshing to learn that the members of the Irish tech scene were extremely open minded about emerging technologies, and we are truly looking forward to next year’s event being bigger and better. By this time, we will have done even more innovative things that we can showcase.

Beyond the conference, Dublin was amazing, offering not only beauty, but great bars and clubs…

Looking to the future, Croosing plans to release a revenue share plan for superlink creators. We also plan to open up our technology to developers from around the world, and allow them to endow the superlink tech with new superpowers, making them available to the public either free of cost or at a price of their choosing.

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About Uri Ravin:

Uri Ravin is CEO & CO-Founder or Croosing, the developer of the proprietary superlink technology that leads users on a 100 percent automated journey of curated content designed to streamline their web experience.

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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