Irish Tech News are happy to team up with Runway East to offer an exclusive 20% discount, for our readers to attend Runway East’s event on March 14th in Finsbury Square, London, Not only will readers get to see Jonathan speak, but also included in the price for each attendee is a copy of one of his books 28 Thoughts on Digital Revolution

Jonathan is the founder of the Thought Expansion Network and an internationally renowned speaker. His core messages focus on expanding people’s thinking about change, and how that impacts the future, exploring the opportunities that this perpetually changing, digitally and technologically enhanced landscape create.

He is one of the few people that companies including Google, Apple, P&G, Unilever, Nestlé, Microsoft and IKEA trust to challenge their thinking and provide new perspectives and avenues of thought, particularly on the topics of disruptive innovation, future trends and how to use change to fuel outstanding business and personal success.
Jonathan has been creating and advising businesses for over two decades, and his various accomplishments include Ministry of Sound’s digital strategy, launching a Sky TV channel and becoming the youngest ever Chairman of the British Music Industries Association. As one of the world’s most highly rated speakers, he is a contributor to Forbes and the author of two books, “Business Poison” and “28 Thoughts on Digital Revolution”.

Megan Gubler, Membership Manager at Runway East commented

“Jonathan has a remarkable ability to cut through any pre-conceived bias or judgments of what you think you know and show you the vast realm of possibilities that exist in what you don’t know. He unlocks the barriers that confine you to existing thought processes, and he does it in a way that leaves you inspired and ready to take on the world. The impact he makes in such a short amount of time will leave you changed – I can attest from personal experience. I am so looking forward to sharing his talent with the Runway East network, and can assure you it is one of the best investments of your time you will make this year.”

Jonathan has some great testimonials,

The CEO of Ikea commented:
“Jonathan made a great impression on us. With a risk of telling you what you already know; he has an absolute world-class, unique talent combining vision, strategy, and challenge which, based on his lovely sense of humor, is incredibly effective to open minds.”

and Esther Basra, from Tesco plc, was equally as pleased:
“It was a brilliant session and it was really clear that the audience were engaged throughout. As well as learning from the amazing content, I know I’ve also picked up some tips on how to deliver an impactful presentation from an absolute expert.”

To get your ticket click here and enter the code: IRISHTECHNEWS – for 20% discount on your ticket. #NoBrainer but be quick as this is guaranteed to sell out.

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