During the Startup gathering, which is taking place this week there is a lot of events worth attending and there is one that may have slipped under your radar. Is there a typical entrepreneurial personality – and does it matter when seeking investment?

In this free 2 hour session, Tony Shone of Invisio will share his findings and recommendations from a 5 year study of the entrepreneur and what investors look for in the personality.

·       What matters most – the venture or the entrepreneur?

·       Whether a typical, preferred personality profile for an Entrepreneur exists

·       The traits and behavioural changes that can contribute to venture success

·       Understanding the ‘dark side’ of the entrepreneurial personality and if not addressed, how this may result in ‘deal killers’.

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This free seminar takes place this Friday October 9th in the DIT Hothouse Incubation Centre
Docklands Innovation Park
128-130 East Wall Road
Dublin 3

TIME: 2.30pm (Tea/Coffee on arrival)


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