By @SimonCocking, interview with Dmitry Ansimov COO and Co-Founder of DeHedge

What is your background briefly?

Eleven years of experience in Investment Banking. I served as a risk management expert with various banks. As a Sberbank CIB expert and a Troika Dialog partner, I have been engaged in equity derivative sales. Ph.D. in Economics, MBA from the Skolkovo School of Management.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

My professional career was forged in the largest Russian investment banks, where I was responsible for developing relations with the most prominent issuers and investors on the market, offering them a wide range of financial products tailored for them. It is this expertise that we are building upon now at DeHedge.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

My main focus is the creation of an effective investment unit to address the challenges of selecting promising ICO projects and pricing for hedging products. In addition, I am responsible for communicating with institutional investors and building partnerships for the development of our ecosystem.
Why did you get involved with this ICO?

What is happening now in the world of cryptocurrencies could not leave me indifferent, as a person who had spent so much time working on the stock market. A new financial reality is forming right before our eyes, and this is happening without the participation of regulators or financial giants. In this case, emerging markets, cryptocurrencies and tokens, despite all their uniqueness, go through similar stages of growth, typical for regulated markets. This explains the colossal level of fraud and the huge volatility of today’s traded crypto assets.The DeHedge team believes that it is possible to bring the cryptocurrencies market to a new level of maturity if we offer it the tools that would allow market players to hedge their risks. By developing various protective instruments, we will not only enhance the security of existing market players, but also attract new investors for whom excessive risks were a limiting factor.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

DeHedge has a great idea, an energetic professional team and tremendous energy – just what is needed to implement the bold idea of creating a hedging platform for the most highly volatile instruments in the financial world!

How can people find out more about 

Follow @De_Hedge on twitter and @DeHedge on Facebook for daily updates and visit our website to learn more about the project. For more info on myself and the projects I’m working on, follow me on LinkedIn.

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