By Vladimir Nikitin. Hey everyone! We have another great interview here for you! Alessandro Cadoni, the co-founder of Friendz took the time to sit down with Top ICO Advisors very own Vladimir Nikitin to answer some very informative and exciting questions!

Vladimir Nikitin: Hello Alessandro! It’s nice to talk to you and thank you for taking the time.

Alessandro Cadoni: Hello Vladimir it is a pleasure for me to be here!

Vladimir Nikitin: Could you tell us briefly about your background please? When did you become interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrency?

Alessandro Cadoni: I have a background in Engineering and started working on Friendz while graduating. The interest in the blockchain industry has surged last summer, while talking with Friendz CTO Giorgio, that has been passionate about it since 2015.

Vladimir Nikitin: Please tell us about how the idea of creating FriendZ was born? What’s the main idea?

Alessandro Cadoni: The idea was born from the understanding that people were already posting advertising contents on their social network profiles. But nobody has ever thought to reward them for their activity. In addition, companies don’t get great results in terms of engagement rate and interactions with the traditional paid advertising system and were looking for a new media channel. And here comes Friendz!

Vladimir Nikitin: You have a very solid team of advisors, such as Simon Cocking, David Drake, Paolo Rebuffo and Nathan Christian. How did you manage to get them?

Alessandro Cadoni: We contacted them at the beginning of the ICO project preparation. They found theFriendz ICO interesting and valuable and they decided to come onboard.

Vladimir Nikitin: Why do you think your project has become so popular and attracted many investors?

Alessandro Cadoni: This has been a small taste of what Friendz is able to do. Our community managers are doing a great job and we managed to attract our target participants: people with normal budgets that are interested in the project in the long term.

Vladimir Nikitin: Will you reach the Hard Cap of ICO?

Alessandro Cadoni: Nobody has the chrystal ball, but that’s our goal!

Vladimir Nikitin: What is the biggest opportunity that you see for Friendz?

Alessandro Cadoni: The biggest opportunity is to be known all over the world and to make the community grow fast. The more the community grows, the more of the project we can deliver and create and thus become an international company. The resources must be focused on the technical development of the platform on the blockchain as well.

Vladimir Nikitin: Your application has already downloaded more than 200,000 times. By the end of ICO will be 1 million downloads?

Alessandro Cadoni: At the end of the ICO ,we will release the app in several countries, as at the moment it is available only in Italy and Spain. It would be an interesting challenge for us!

Vladimir Nikitin: Are you planning a new ICO in the future?

Alessandro Cadoni: At the moment, our main concern is to make Friendz grow and realize the plans provided with in the whitepaper. After we reached those results we could think of something else.

Vladimir Nikitin: I am also eager to know if you’re planning to do any exciting partnership in the near future with new advisors?

Alessandro Cadoni: Friendz is always moving! We closed a new partnership with Andrew Duplessie, a young and skilled entrepreneur and influencer with around 250M followers, that is Venture Capitalist and has been an Advisor for other 15 successful ICOs.

Vladimir Nikitin: Please explain why some current ICOs are hype like FriendZ, and others aren’t?

Alessandro Cadoni: First of all, it depends on the appeal of the project. The majority of ICOs don’t have a background or a working product. Others don’t have a clear mission or a well-rounded team. Others again don’t address the right target market or are not able to perform successful marketing campaigns.

Vladimir Nikitin: Traditional question. When will 1 Bitcoin will be cost over 100k USD?

Alessandro Cadoni: (laughing) where is the crystal ball, again?

Vladimir Nikitin: Anything else you’d like to add?

Alessandro Cadoni: Yes, that if you want to stay in touch with me or the other team members you can find us on our telegram group: and news channel

Vladimir Nikitin: Thank you for the time Alessandro and best of luck on the project!

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