The internet permeates every aspect of our lives at this point. We use it for work; we use it for communication, we use to make purchases, we even use it to watch t.v and listen to music now. And because it’s so prevalent in our lives, we all want speedy connections. Heck, some of downright need those connections. And in the coming months, we’re about to get the upgrade we’ve all been waiting for.

In the early months of 2019; companies are expected to begin rolling out 5G cellular devices. And the world is abuzz with anticipation.

What Exactly is 5G

5G is the 5th generation of mobile networks that allow you to connect anywhere, at any given time – provided there is a network of course. It’s going to be able to provide faster speeds at lower frequencies and be able to reach corners of the world that 4G LTE is currently unable to. In short, 5G has the potential to connect the world as a whole. Pretty amazing huh!

Here’s what we can expect once 5G technology is fully implemented.

Incredibly Fast Download Speeds

Do you watch a lot of Netflix? If so you’re probably familiar with how demanding streaming is to your broadband. The only way to consistently be able to have a great connection is to be within the optimal range of a router, use a LAN connection, or having supreme signal strength on your cell phone. And if those conditions are less than ideal? Well, prepare for an evening of frustration.

But 5G is here to fix all of that. With the ability to get – at least – 1 gigabit per second download speeds (and we’re talking wirelessly), gone are the days of buffering. No more will you have to sit through ten full minutes of grainy, ‘standard definition’ picture quality just because someone else in the house is eating up data.

Going in hand-in-hand with faster download speeds is lower latency and faster upload speeds. The lower latency means that you’ll be getting faster and stronger connections than ever before. And the upload speeds are perfect for anybody out there who uploads videos on a regular basis.

Furthermore, IoT is expected to improve in the coming years, thanks to the superior latency of 5g. The low latency means that connected devices are going to be connected at all times. They’ll also be able to process and analyze data much faster than they can on a traditional WiFi connection.

5G Could Change WiFi as we Know it

The average download speed is right around 98 Mbps, and that number is highly inflated; with the more populated cities now having access to gigabit services while the rest are still lucky to get 50 Mbps. Outside of those few cities, the average internet speed is actually closer to 48 Mbps. If you’re not sure what your speed is, you can check it here.

Once 5G hits, there will be no reason to use your fixed broadband provider over the gigabit speeds that your wireless provider can offer you. To counter that, we’ll likely see broadband services begin to extend into more areas, and better yet, prices are liable to drop too.

Change how we Work

As the world changes around us, so too, does the way we make our money. With the economy moving towards working remotely, more people have the freedom to work as they please. The rollout of 5g is poised to help these people immensely. No longer will they be tethered to a building or WiFi hotspots. 5G laptops will allow you to go wherever the wind blows you.

Do you want to visit Australia? Or maybe you want to take a road trip. Go for it, 5G connected devices will allow you to take your work with you.

Better AI

Just like 4G gave us an uptick in artificial intelligence, the light speed connectivity that 5G offers will allow for significant advancements in AI. These speeds will allow AI to process data infinitely faster, meaning it can make decisions more quickly than ever before. We should expect to see automated cars become a big deal once 5G technology has completely rolled out.

No More Cables

Say goodbye to all that cable management. 5G has positioned itself to bring us into a truly wireless world; finally, the dream is upon us. Instead of having to put holes in all the walls to connect your tv, or modem to the cables installed by your providers, your ISP will send a modem that plugs in and links to their wireless 5g signal. No waiting for the cable technician, just plug in the box and start enjoying everything the world wide web has to offer.

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