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Launching your new app is an exciting time – You will want to show it off to the world and watch it succeed. But for your app to succeed, it requires a lot of marketing which can be stressful – and the last thing you want to do is blow your big app launch!

Taking a few measures to ensure this doesn’t happen is simple when you avoid the most common mistakes made by plenty of new app publishers. So in order to help you create a successful launch strategy, professional app builders yappi are here to share 5 points you will want to avoid when ticking off your app marketing checklist.

1. Missing the pre launch opportunities.

With the wealth of information online, it’s amazing how many people believe that the campaign only starts once the app live in the stores. Marketing 101 is knowing that you need promote your product before it’s available, as this will help you build momentum. This should be no different with your app.

Whilst you are building your app you should be putting out teasers via email or social media. Try and get together a mailing list of people who will be interested once your app has gone live.

2. Not analysing your competition

Before you launch your App, research the market to develop an understanding of the market and what you’re getting into. By looking at your competition and analysing their app features and how they are using their strategy is great way of knowing what you can do differently. The truth is, customers don’t know what they want until you show it to them, so having an app that is different from the rest of the competition can make all the difference

3. Understanding the power of reviews & ratings

As more people begin using your app, it’s fair to assume that ratings and reviews will naturally appear. While you can sit there and wait for these rating and reviews to appear, it’s a better idea to be proactive as they are an important factor in ranking algorithms. The app store needs 5 user reviews before your star rating becomes visible. Instead of leaving this up to chance, ask friends and family members to help you off to a great start.

4. Not thinking about paid acquisition

Is spending money to get downloads something that hasn’t crossed your mind? You should probably rethink that aspect of your strategy. While you will be aiming for mostly organic traffic, paid acquisition can contribute towards a faster growth. Even the smallest of budgets will help get your app in front of a larger pool of people. This allow you to acquire in a short time, whilst your overall marathon campaign will continue to develop.

5. Not building virality into your app

Your ultimate of your app promotion strategy is to generate and convert quality traffic towards your app. But one of the secrets to this growth is to build virality within your app? What does that mean? In the simplest terms, by including strategies such as social sharing, referral campaigns or user generated content campaigns you will ultimately be encouraging users to spread the good word about your app. Not only will you now know which visitors are assisting you with your viral growth, but you can optimise your pay campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Avoiding these easy mistakes can help you be more prepared for when when you need to get your brand out there, drive downloads and build awareness

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