Initial Coin Offers (ICOs) offer a revolutionary new model for blockchain-based businesses to attract the much-needed funding. They can completely circumvent the traditional funding options and generate all the capital they need through the crowdfunding process.

The businesses get capital investment, while the individual investors get to make an investment in an entirely new cryptocurrency that has the potential to become the next bitcoin. However, ICO investments come with their own challenges that make them daunting for most people. That’s where Jointly comes in.

Jointly seeks to completely disrupt and transform the ICO process for the individual investors. Here’s how.

Individual and Cumulative Investment Options

Jointly offers prospective investors two options for making investments on ICOs. They can make the investment individually, or as part of a team of other investors. The latter is called a cumulative investment. In the case of cumulative investment, the participants contribute their investment into a common wallet, which stores all the relevant information like which account made how much investment. This is followed by the creation of smart contracts. Finally, an investment is made into an ICO that is chosen by the investor.

The tokens, along with the bonuses, that are received from the ICO into the common wallet are then distributed to each investor of the wallet, as per the percentage of their initial investment. Such an investment option comes with a plethora of benefits.

Access to Pre-ICOs

All Jointly ICO’s tokens are split into two chunks – a pre-ICO chunk and an ICO chunk. In most cases, the pre-ICOs are sealed off from the average individual investors, as they have high investment thresholds. They are only offered to big investors or institutional investors who have the deep pockets to make huge investments in the pre- ICO stage.

Jointly’s unique model allows everyone to make investments in the pre-ICO stage.

Individual investors, with their relatively small investments, can still pool their funds into a common wallet, and use that wallet to make the investment as a single entity. This opens up tremendous potential for profits and high returns on investment for the investors.

Safer and Smarter Investments

Jointly is more than just an enabler for investors looking to invest on ICOs. It makes sure that your investment goes to the right ICOs.

Every day, dozens of new ICOs spring up on the internet. A bulk of them are just scams and fraudulent activities. In fact, the people behind such ICOs go to great lengths to create nice looking websites, fake social profiles of the owners and promoters on Facebook or LinkedIn, and even use random people’s images for their requirement to create an aura of authentic ICO around themselves. The number of such scams is growing rapidly and the unsuspecting ICO investors cannot differentiate between the good ICOs and the bad ICOs.

The result?

An ICO was recently caught red-handed when it used the photo of an actress to create a fake profile of their made-up promoter. Another cryptocurrency startup, Prodeum, vanished overnight, along with the USD11 million it had amassed from its investors.

Jointly is putting an end to all of this. It conducts extensive due diligence on each of the ICOs that it hosts on its platform. Jointly scans the ICOs, the social media presence of their promoters and owners, the real world problems that those startups aim to solve, and much more. If Jointly finds something that is even remotely fishy in an ICO, that ICO will never make it to Jointly’s platform.

This way, the investors always know that their investment is going into the right ICO, and not into a scam, when they are on Jointly.

Completely Decentralized and Secure

Jointly handles all the investments and the distribution of the ICO tokens using a completely decentralized system. There is no representative body to make the investments on behalf of the investors. There is no government body that takes care of maintaining records or sending the ICO tokens to respective investors. Instead, all of this is executed to perfection using smart-contracts that are built on a blockchain platform. Therefore, there is never any risk of wrongful assignment of ICO tokens or any malpractice from an insider, because everything is decentralized and automated.

Jointly is setting new standards for other ICOs to follow by democratizing the entire pre-ICO and ICO process, so that all investors, no matter their size, are able to take maximum advantage of the platform and earn huge profits from their investment.

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