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Thank you to you, our readers. It’s been another great month, more views, more readers, more followers, more retweets and more interesting stories from the world of tech, both Irish and overseas. Thanks for all of your support and as always welcome to reach out to us with your latest ideas and news. Here is the latest round up of interviews and reviews with the movers and shakers of the scene. In strictly chronological order only.

Andrew Keogh, pitching tips from a pro, pitching mentor to the Dublin startup ecosystem

Ian Cleary, how to monetise social media, founder of Razor Social

Ronan Furlong, hackathons at DCU, executive director at DCU Innovation Academy



John Breslin, why Galway is great for startups

Paddy Cosgrave, tips for startups, Web Summit founder


Steve Garfield, social media, travel, tech, investment, photography, beer

Wayne Denner, review of the students guide to online reputation

Keith Jordan, the future of humanity in an augmented reality world, CEO iTagged

Upasna Kakroo, the future of storytelling for businesses, content marketing expert

Apple image

Brendan O’Se, iPhone or DSLR? Apple iPhone World Gallery, Mira Mobile Winner 2015

Money Conf, Belfast Web Summit conclusion

Who’s In, startup debuts at MoneyConf

Keith Bohanna bringing digital transformation to Ireland


Contently launches on West Coast, event covered by Grainne Barron, Viddyad


Startup Wake expands, Cork now, London next,


Coolest projects ever, CoderDojo event at RDS

EnterConf Belfast Web Summit concludes

Eoghan Stack, supporting Irish startups,  CEO DCU Ryan Academy

Simon Porter why does IBM use social media? IBM European Vice-president

Ismail Ahmed supporting families around the world, World Remit CEO

Patrick Adams, how to be an innovative CMO, head of consumer marketing, Paypal

Jon Bradford, startup insights, serial entrepreneur Techstars MD

Tom Gonser, don’t move paper for business deals, founder of Docusign

Antonio Rami, Kantox founder, Catalan perspective, FinTech disruptor

John Bruggerman, traditional banking is dead, Traxpay CEO

Chris Dyer, entrepreneurs must understand people, CEO people2g


Cristina Riesen, Evernote GM interviewed at EnterConf

Dug Campbell, Scottish bitcoin founder,TEDx speaker,  reflections on MoneyConf

Roxanne Varza, Top tech woman under 30, TechCrunch, Microsoft, Girls in Tech


Paul O’Connell, sacrifice perfection for iteration UPrise festival director,  Amsterdam

TDR cover

Rob Kitchin, the data revolution, review and interview

Richy Santoro worker smarter, not harder. Growth hacker, games developer, and now Dow Jones Marketing Director

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