3 Ireland have launched a new bill pay plan called all you can eat everything. It’s 39.75 sim only per month or 55 per month with a new mobile phone. As the plan says it offers unlimited calls, texts and data. But remember the data is not for tethering or using as a hotspot.

The plan compares with:

Tescomobiles unlimited sim only plan for 30euro per month (speed caps apply here as does a 12 month contract but you can tether)

Meteors 49 euro plan with unlimited calls and texts and 5GB’s of data (24 month contract applies and you can tether)

eMobile have an unlimited calls and texts plan plus 15GB of data for 32 euro per month (you can tether here too and it’s only a 30 day sim only contract)

O2 have unlimited calls and texts with 1GB of data (you cannot use it for tethering) on a 30 day sim only plan for 40 euro per month and finally

Vodafone have unlimited calls and texts plus 1GB of data for 40 euro a month (you can tether on this 30 day sim only plan).

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