You have no doubt heard of the most famous cryptocurrency, “Bitcoin”. But were you aware of all the mysteries, conspiracies, and heartbreaking losses of Bitcoin that follow its name around?

Here are a few of these weird and wonderful Bitcoin facts:

Ever wanted to book yourself on a trip to outer space? Or perhaps you’re in need of a new goat? Pretty unrelated, right? But, these are just a couple of the strangest things that have been bought with Bitcoin.

No meteoric success story would be complete without some sort of conspiracy theory behind it and Bitcoin has more than its fair share, one of which being the theory that Bitcoin was started by the CIA.

Why? In Japanese, Satoshi translates into “clear-thinking; quick-witted; wise.” “Naka” can mean “inside” or “relationship”, while “moto” is defined as “the origin; the cause; the foundation; the basis.” This is why some believe that the translation points to Bitcoin being created by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Have you ever experienced that rollercoaster-like feeling of your stomach dropping when you realize you have lost your wallet or purse? Imagine how James Howell from the UK felt when he realized he had thrown away a hard drive containing private keys to over 7,500 bitcoins. Today, that equates to over fifty million dollars worth of lost Bitcoin!

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Take a look at the infographic below which has another 21 interesting Bitcoin facts.

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Bitcoin Facts

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