AdRoll, the global leader in retargeting, today announced that more than 300 opted-in advertisers across Ireland and Europe are pooling their first-party data into the new AdRoll Prospecting platform, helping marketers to acquire new customers. It works by allowing advertisers to pool their first-party customer data, thus creating a massive set of potential customers called the AdRoll IntentMap™. The IntentMap is the largest pool of first-party data globally, with more than 1,800 advertisers worldwide already opted-in.

Companies participating in the AdRoll IntentMap range from SMEs to big brands, giving them the ability to reach a diverse set of more than a billion anonymous user profiles. Once an advertiser has opted-in to participate in the AdRoll IntentMap, Prospecting goes to work by targeting new users that have similar behavioural patterns to the business’ existing customers. This combination of high-intent, first-party data and powerful predictive algorithms has shown strong performance results for initial customers. Advertisers using Prospecting have on average seen a 30% increase in engagement and an 11% lift in total conversions compared with an average retargeting campaign.

Ben Francis, co-owner and founder of fitness wear specialists Gymshark, an early adopter of AdRoll Prospecting in the UK and Europe, said: “We wanted to drive highly qualified new users to our site. By using the powerful intent data from our existing customer base, AdRoll Prospecting focused on finding customers who shared this profile and were actually in the market to buy. Prospecting offered us an intelligent, profitable way to connect with, and share our vision with our customers,  since we started with AdRoll Prospecting, the number of new, highly engaged site visitors immediately grew by 20%.”

“We also saw an increased ROI of 54% for our existing retargeting campaigns, with retargeting click throughs increasing by 40%. We’re a rapidly growing brand with a strong vision, and these results are what we need to be able to focus our attention on growing other parts of our business.”

“The time has come for marketers to become more savvy about harnessing data to hone campaigns and deliver tangible results. AdRoll Prospecting and the IntentMap represent a new way for marketers to do this, using data as a currency to gain access to high value audiences,” said Michael Bertaut, AdRoll EMEA MD. “When diversified first-party data is pooled at scale, our entire network benefits with better performance and incremental new customers.”

AdRoll established its EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) headquarters in Dublin in October 2013 with plans to create 100 jobs in the first 12 months. In June last year AdRoll doubled its office space to over 20,000 square-feet at Burlington Plaza and revised upward hiring plans to 220.

The launch of Prospecting transforms AdRoll into a full service performance advertising platform.

AdRoll Prospecting is in beta and available to select AdRoll customers. For more information visit here.

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