Each year in October, the Swedish town of Alingsås located near Gothenburg turns into a fun lighting event, attracting more than 80,000 visitors from around the world. For this year’s Lights in Alingsås, six groups of talented lighting and electrical students created beautiful light installations under the professional guidance from seven established Lighting Designers using over 50 fixtures from SGM Light.

The almost 400-year-old Swedish town Alingsås started off mainly as an iron trade city, which later turned into a city for the textile industry.

In the city river, the manufacturers would wash out the color of the textiles, giving the name for the first site for this year’s Light in Alingsås; Färgeribron (Dyers’ bridge). Led by Nielsen and van der Velden, this team focused on the visible energy from the water as well as the communal energy, greatly inspired by waves.

The team created a creative installation that encouraged visitors to interact and be a part of the light art. “We hope it touches your heart and energizes your spirit,” said one of the students.

Steven Rosen, President and Creative Director of Available Light, was the group leader at the light installation at the town’s cemetery that dates back to 1834.

“A cemetery is a place where people can go to stimulate their memory of their loved ones,” explained Steven Rosen

Because of the short amount om time to finalize the installations, dealing with a lot of wires onsite can be stressful. Steven Rosen was therefore happy to use the battery-driven P-1 washlight from SGM Light. “The P-1 was a lifesaver”, said Steven Rosen.

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