1st Irish Digital Citizenship Summit seeks to expand the conversation around kids and technology

Dublin, Ireland, April 28th, 2018: Next month, Learning Tech Labs will power Ireland’s inaugural Digital Citizenship Summit at the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin. Digital Citizenship Summit has held 7 events in 5 countries around the world. This internationally-reaching summit will also have a decisively local energy, with free community workshops offered during the event.

Often discussions about kids and technology stop at the don’ts. The Summit will expand the digital safety discussion to explore how adults and children/youth can also work side-by-side to learn about and experience deliberate, positive uses of technology.

DCS unite organizations, educators, industry, parents and students by working with youth, not at them; celebrating our shared humanity; working to do good with tech in your own sphere; and connecting with others doing good, so we can create a ‘we, not me’ mindset. This multiple stakeholders approach provides an opportunity to address the positive ways to address social media and technology use as a community.

DCS aims to work towards solutions, promote best practices, and empower citizens to be the digital change. Co-founder of Learning Tech Labs and organiser of DCS, David R. Pollard (@DavidPollardIRL) states, “We have a responsibility to educate not only ourselves but our families, children and friends about social media and the use of technologies in school, work and our personal lives. It’s time to show others our positive digital footprints in Ireland, so that they can follow and build on this global digital citizenship movement.”

Our goal is to create an environment where where like-minded individuals, brands and organisations can elevate the digital experience for all Internet users – from children to innovators, seniors and influencers, police forces, educationalists, corporates and campaigners. Thanks to generous sponsorships, not only students can register for the conference for free, but everyone else can join for free too.

During the conference, local, national, and international “burst” speakers will launch roundtable discussions around various topics, including why Digital Citizenship matters, how prevention science can inform digital teaching and learning, parenting in a digital age, and how adults and children/youth can work side-by-side to learn about and experience deliberate digital use together.

The Digital Citizenship Summit invites youth and adults alike to come join in the conversation about a balanced approach to Digital Citizenship that includes the positives.

More information can be found at http://digcitsummitirl.com/

Local: http://www.digcitsummitirl.com/

Global: http://www.digcitsummit.com/

Email: [email protected]

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