It’s a tough day for those on the RDS floors trying to pitch and sell their products. That said, you have to get out there and sell yourself. If you’ve come all the way to the Web Summit, your time is now. Looking around it’s tough to take in every single project. Here are 15 that made an impression today!

For many of them, the alpha startups, they get one day to impress, miss them today and you may not see them again. Tomorrow will be another wave of entrepreneurs trying to impress.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA MedShr, UK, doctors share knowledge

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Attractive wellness watch, US

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Pley, Lego as if it were Netflicks, California

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Holvi, Finnish, changing banking,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  African Clean Energy, from Lesotho

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Elephone, based in Tel Aviv, smart, friendly, social phone directory

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Friendite, Nigerian based dating service for Africans and beyond

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Pixxers, Austrian photo network,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Yonderbound, Monaco, make money from Travel writing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Nomadmovement, Portugal, share your stories

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Online shopping for Mexican geek products


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUK based, safe sharing of kids photos and more

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Curating a new social network, Singapore,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Smart games for kids, Denmark




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