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Twitter is adding a new element to your feed, a “dockable” music player with a new feature that they call Audio Cards. The service will allow you to play music right from your Twitter feed while you browse.

Audio Cards will be available on both Android and iOS apps and can play music, podcasts or other audio content when clicked on. Twitter has also partnered up with Soundcloud to allow their content to be played on Audio Cards.

The card will appear in your feed as a large player containing album artwork, a timeline for the song, comments and links to other music. Twitter has also announced that content by select iTunes artists will appear in the form of Audio Cards and given users a chance to preview unreleased music.

“Throughout your listening experience, you can dock the Audio Card and keep listening as you continue to browse inside the Twitter app,” product manager Richard Slatter wrote on the company’s blog.

The iTunes player embedded in Twitter will play the whole song as opposed to the preview in iTunes which only plays two minutes. Twitter says that they are still testing Audio Cards and there are plans to roll the service out to more partners and creators in the future.

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