Irish Tech News recently hit a major milestone when we published our 2000th article, and I am proud to be part of the team that made this possible. I joined Irish Tech News last December and wrote on tech security, but I have since written articles on other topics too. Here are some of the most successful articles since then.

One of my first articles was LinkedIn security and spam issues which was published January 5th 2015. This story had only been published a few hours, when LinkedIn contacted Irish Tech News and asked me to include a statement from them in my article. I was pleased to see that my article was getting noticed and had been read by LinkedIn.

I am always on the lookout for interesting stories that never get picked up by the Irish Media and Shortened URL’s can be a security risk which was published February 9th 2015 is one example. As we are using social media a lot more these days, we are also more likely to be using shortened URL’s. When I saw that they can be a security risk, I was surprised that this had not already been covered by the Irish media so I decided to write about it.

Sometimes when I write an article, I look and see what has been missed by anyone else who also wrote a similar article. Invoice redirection fraud which was published February 20 2015 was one such article. I noticed that no real life examples had been given so I decided to find two that I could put in my article.

I happened to meet Ken Bagnall at a security conference in Dublin Castle and he is the managing director of The Email Laundry an award winning vendor of cloud based security services. Ken invited me to go to their offices to see what they do and to offer hints and tips for our readers. The resulting article The Email Laundry which was published February 20th 2015 also revealed what present and future threats we should keep an eye out for.

Whilst researching for future articles, I had noticed that the IP Box which allows you to hack into any iPhone or Apple device that runs iOS, was making headlines but the articles about it missed one very important fact. My article Almost any iPhone can be hacked which was published March 20th 2015, noted how you can make sure that the IP Box will not work with your iPhone and I was surprised that nobody else had already mentioned this.

In April this year I attended the Smart Business Show in Dublin, and I saw two great security presentations by Per Thorsheim and Runa Sandvik who are two of the world’s top security experts. Their talks formed the basis for my articles Smart Business Show – Perilous Passwords and Smart Business Show – Starting up security. Both articles were published April 24th 2015.

One of my highlights this year was when I had an article hit the Yahoo homepage.

Screenshot_YahooThe article in question is Google launch Password Alert extension for Chrome and it was published May 1St 2015.

The guys behind the Web Summit decided to run a smaller version of the Web Summit in Belfast. The mini conference covered Enterprise Software and FinTech, Irish Tech News were there chairing some of the talks and interviewing some of the speakers and exhibitors, and we hope to do the same at this year’s Web Summit. I was delighted to do my first interview with Wrike at Belfast EnterConf, interview with Seth Shaw took place on the last day of the EnterConf and was published June 29th 2015.

Having written an article about how people can use your social media accounts to create fake documents and personas, I was doing some research for a follow up article and I was shocked by what I found out. The follow up article Dangerous Social Media Followers was published June 30th 2015.

Whilst doing some research on Social Media Scams, I noticed an old scam that was slipping in under the radar. The resulting article Facebook Like Farming Scams was published July 10th 2015.

One of the things I hate the most is Flash because it is buggy and also a security risk. Last month headlines screaming Flash is dead was making news all around the world, so I decided to write a couple of articles about Flash. The first article Flash is dead was published July 24th 2015.

When I started my blog in May 2014, I had no idea that six months later I would be writing for the award winning Irish Tech News one of the country’s top tech websites. Irish Tech News have also gained an average of 1000 followers a month on Twitter, more than doubling our followers in six months and if this trend continues Irish Tech News should have around 16,000 followers by Christmas. I look forward to our readership growing and the next 2000 articles.

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