#Startup100: Linkilaw’s Rundown of the 100 Innovative Startups At Dublin Tech Summit 2017! Part 1

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What compels someone to found a startup?

Many things.

For one founder, the compulsion may come from an insatiable desire to change the world by disrupting a sector that he knows desperately needs a change; for others it’s all about disrupting the monotony of life! Forgetting the dire statistics and scare stories that anyone in business hears, some brave souls took the leap of faith and are on their way to create things that could positively impact the lives of all of us.

These people and their ideas need to be showcased, celebrated, and supported, and the Dublin Tech Summit is doing just that.

Dublin has been the home of a fantastic event for startups, their products, and their customers.

The 100 innovative and disruptive startups have been chosen to exhibit at Dublin Tech Summit on 15-16 February 2017 have the power to create something unique and potentially life-changing.

In this edition, we celebrate some startups which are changing the game in tech. We all know about hyperlinks, but did you know that one startup wants us to start using superlinks? Or that another is working hard to utilise social media to actually increase productivity in the workplace?

Read on to find out more!


Did you know that the link has not evolved since 1991? We didn’t but, the people at Croosing did! This is why they have developed an browser app that allows users to create a superlink. What does a superlink do? It does a bunch of things like: lead to multiple web pages through the single link, tack actions on the targeted webpages, add a personal touch to any page on the web, soundtrack the web, brand links and guide followers as if you are sitting next to them. It works in three simple steps. Step one is to click on the superlink button (the app). Step two is to name the superlink, add a cover photo, give it a description and other edits. Step three is enter the URL address of any you like and that is it.


Social media has so many great uses, but it can also make people unproductive. This US startup wants to use social media in the best way possible by utilising the resources that already exist across different social media platforms to improve the way professionals engage with their customers, improve the way we learn through social media and improve the lives of people using social media generally by only using one tap and one login credential!


Who here hasn’t been bored in the airport and looked around to see some very interesting people that would be lovely to chat with? Airdates is the perfect app for you! Using a internet connect, passengers can talk with each other. Plus, it allows for passengers to talk to each other one the plane. How? Well, by turning on flight mode, wifi and bluetooth, passengers can connect to each other devices and enjoy a conversation!


A lack of productivity is an issue that all business work hard to deal with. Timepot is a time tracking tool which works specifically to support small and medium-sized businesses. By using the information gathered to determine where there are potentials for delays and help management determine how best to deal with underperformance.


myTrackee allows users to track other users via GPS. Users are give a specific # ID which can be tracked by other people. Features include tracking of your own kids accounts, sharing real-time location while on holidays (for fun or safety), group of people can use the same number and private or public mode for sharing location. Thanks to the real-time GPS location, emergency services can use myTrackee to accurately find someone more easily.


Tired of having super long and terrible looking links? Rebrandly has the solution for you! They allow users to create and share short links that can have custom domain names. They simply transform the normal link into a more personalised one that can be easily shared!


If a space is empty, this platform ‘fills it’. Whether a space is needed for an event, a pop-up or anything else, Fillit is a online platform that connects people with the spaces they need across The Republic of Ireland.


You want to order your favourite coffee but are short on time? This is the app for you. KaffeeGo makes ordering your favourite coffee quick and easy. Just go into the app and select the coffee you want and the store that you want to order from. Once your order is confirmed, all you have to do is go to the shop of your choice at a time that suits you and show them the order number.


Cyber security is something that we all worry about. The team at Netsso have created a secure personal Internet manager which makes it easy to ensure that login credentials are strong and securely kept, files of interest  are encrypted before uploaded on cloud sharing sites and that overall security of your personal data is strengthened.


This startup is a marketplace for organic food. With its green ethos, it’s doing its part to save the planet by helping local farmers to grow organic foods and make them accessible for everybody. Based in Serbia, this marketplace connects local organic farmers with suitable buyers at the moment, but definitely has the potential expand internationally.


Booking an appointment online can be a nightmare. Periodic is an appointment-booking system for any service which makes the process much smoother for consumers. Any business can create a booking process which is easy to embed on a website and can be optimised for mobile without hassle. Once it’s created, there is complete control over the way reservation requests are managed.It also automates notifications and reminders delivered to a customer via email and SMS.

Silicon Armada

Silicon Armada is a global marketplace for IT jobs. The goal is to connect tech employers with tech employees from all over the world. Employers don’t have to pay a premium when hiring someone hence, still giving competitive advantages to the employees.


VanHack supports tech professionals finding work abroad and employers looking to hire top talent. As an international network of developers, designers and digital marketers, VanHack operates in Berlin, Amsterdam, Waterloo, Dublin, Toronto, Santiago, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Dubai. For professionals, it works in three steps: first, they work closely with people to make sure their resume, cover letter, professional portfolio, and LinkedIn profile are of top quality to increase the chances of getting hired. The team then gives a virtual course showing exactly what’s needed to start working abroad. After that, VanHack helps users connect with the right employers and teaches them how to effectively communicate in interviews and other professional circumstances to improve their chances


Verivoo is a social app that allows users to review, share experiences about restaurants, and receive recommendations. The app’s technology ensures that: only real people leave reviews; user-specific recommendations are made; users are updated on any offers or rewards their favourite places are creating.


WOWit lets you discover events that might be of interest to consumers. By using the app, consumers will get personalised recommendations. Users can search for events  by genre, venue, and more. WoWit allows users to see what events friends are going to and can reserve tickets at will call on the app for easy access.


Got a great idea, but wondering how to set yourself apart from others when pitching over the phone? Adding visual presentations could definitely help you. CrankWheel enables users to add a visual presentation to a phone call regardless of the browser or device that is used.


This app is all about bring people together. When the app is opened, it uses location-services to create an immersive multi-person visual folder (trupe) in real-time at events. Anyone with the app (known affectionate as ‘trupers’), can create and share event-specific content which lasts for 24 on the trupe.


Cloudwith.me is part of the partner networks of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s secure cloud-based platform. It is a user-friendly solution that is simple to operate and manage, making it easier to upgrade infrastructure to AWS. It ensures uptime and speed and requires no technical know-how.

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