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47 Awesome women in tech for 2017, great insights from global female tech influencers

[email protected] It's been another great year for Irish Tech News, with consistent year on year growth over the last four years, with increasingly rapid growth...

How to grow and scale your tech company, insights with Evan Kourambas, Kaiser Baas founder

[email protected] Great interview with Evan Kourambas Founder of Kaiser Baas. See our reviews of some of their products here.

How to sell online by Christer Holloman, reviewed

[email protected] Review of How to Sell Online: The Experts’ Guide to Making Your Business More Successful and Profitable Online, by Christer Holloman, publishe...

Marketing insights, the fall and rise of Irish Whiskey with Stuart McNamara

[email protected] Great interview with Stuart McNamara West Cork based International Food, Drink & Travel Writer-Blogger . Editor of